Eagle Flight Training renewed successfully license from Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam

Being certified as an Approved Training Organization under Vietnam Aviation Regulations since 2013, as part of the renewal process, Eagle Flight Training receives auditors from CAAV to conduct necessary checks to make sure that the training carried out meets current VAR. This year, we have the honor to receive Mr. Dinh Duc Tuan – Chief Flight Inspector and Ms. Pham Hong Anh – Licensing Executive, coming to our facilities in Gisborne – The First Light, 6-7 November 2019.

Studying to become an airlines-ready pilot is never an easy task, especially for the students, whose English is not their mother tongue. This process requires high level of commitment from both the students and the flight school. We make it quite simple here at Eagle Flight Training where each individual student will be motivated to participate actively in every single training session, which make the whole training process enjoyable with lots of fun. We’ve got student complete the 18-month training program in just 14 months.


Talking with Vietnamese Students