Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, frequently we refer to Eagle Flight Training Limited as EFT.

Yes, anybody can learn to fly, a lot depends on what kind of flying you want to do. Whether you want to fly for pleasure, with a PPL or you want a career in aviation, once you learn to fly there is no looking back.

Eagle Flight Training has trained students from countries all over the world including Bahrain, Brunei, China, Emirates, Fiji, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritius, New Zealand, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Samoa, Singapore, Taiwan, Tonga, and Vietnam.

Gisborne is a lovely little City surrounded by Hills and is located on the seaside. Gisborne has a population of 35,500. The lifestyle here is relaxed. People can take a short 10-minute drive and get a good look at what the NZ Countryside looks like.

The weather in Gisborne is generally good, in the summer it is warm and sunny. (Perfect for going to the beach after a day of flying) In the winter the weather is generally stable, and we can fly most days.

Although Gisborne is a small City, there are a surprising number of activities to do. Due to its location, being next to the Pacific Ocean and close to the rural countryside, there are many outdoor activities to enjoy. There are a good number of Mountain and Hilly terrain walkways to explore that range in length from a few minutes to several days. For those interested, there is good Sea and River Fishing locally, with hunting also a very popular local activity. Gisborne is also a very popular and well-known location for Surfing. There are also a wide range of sporting clubs to get involved with. For relaxation, there are many local Cafes, Restaurants and Vineyards offering local produce that are popular locations to enjoy with friends.

Yes, it is true. Rocket Lab launches from Mahia Peninsular. There are several suitable viewing locations.

A Private Pilot Licence (PPL) is a recreational licence. This allows you to fly yourself and your friends and family around. The CAANZ PPL is an ICAO recognised licence. You need to complete 6 PPL theory exams to obtain a licence.You cannot receive any payment on a PPL.

A Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) is a professional licence. This allows you to be employed as a commercial pilot. The CAANZ CPL is also an ICAO recognised licence, and can be converted for use when you return home. There are 6 theory exams for CPL.

An Instrument Rating (IR) is required if you wish to fly by instruments only. It is a requirement for an airline. There are 3 theory exams for IR.This can be completed on a PPL or CPL

Our fleet comprises of the following types of aircraft:

  • DA 20 (Diamond 20)
  • DA 40 (Diamond 40)
  • PA 30 (Piper PA-30) – Twin Comanche

No, a student must be at least 18 years of age or above to enrol with EFT.

CAA NZ has no mandatory subjects or minimum score requirements. Studying Physics and Mathematics in High School is recommended.

Typically, students are required to score at least 5.5 in each of the four IELTS bands for Training Schemes and an overall minimum score of 6.0 for Diploma Level Programmes.

Yes, EFT is an NZQA approved Training Organisation. EFT has recently commenced awarding NZQA Unit Standards to all students irrespective of the Training Scheme or Programme enrolled. The current level is provider category 2.

Yes, we have a goodtrack record in successfully training transferees to the requisite standard. Transferring students are considered on a case by case basis dependent on a range of factors.

Yes, we assist students by providing supporting documentation relating to the “Offer of Place” on our Training Schemes and Programmes. We encourage students to apply for the NZ student Visa online through

This depends on the conditions detailed on the Valid Student Visa issued by New Zealand Immigration Service.

Please be advised that in all cases EFT will arrange for suitable Travel and Medical Insurance Cover on behalf of the student prior to the student travelling to Gisborne, New Zealand. (This is standard EFT Policy derived out of our obligations required under “The Education Pastoral Care of International Students Code of Practice 2016” and is deemed necessary irrespective of whether the student has had Insurance in place previously or not) 

International students transfer their course fees into the New Zealand Public Trust consolidated account. It’s VERY important that EFT’s specific Public Trust Account number is referenced in every transaction. TheEFT Public Trust Account reference number is CLI00541830 (note: bank account details are specified on the pro-forma invoice which is included in eachprospectivestudents “Offer of Place” letter)

The NZ Government consider Student Fee Protection to be a high priority. The NZ Government demands that all private funds of “International students” be protected in a government supervised facility. The NZ Public Trust is EFT’s preferred supplier for protecting Student Fees.

Yes, we pick up all new students arriving at Gisborne Airport. Domestic travel to and from Gisborne is the responsibility of the student. (Typically, this is either via an “Air New Zealand” domestic flight an “Intercity” Bus

EFT can arrange accommodation. We provide a “free” pick-up service every morning and a drop off service every evening for students living in Eagle Flight Training accommodation.

While EFT cannot guarantee employment to students, suitable students who have completed the Flight Instructor Training are certainly considered when we are hiring. At present, 50 % of our instructors trained with EFT.

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