Future airline pilots get Instrument Flight Ratings!

Future airline pilots get Instrument Flight Ratings!
An airline pilot is always reliant on the instruments available in his aircraft, which makes an Instrument Rating the most important aspect of pilot training. An Instrument Flight Rating (IFR) allows a pilot to fly in and above clouds, with sole reference of the instruments in the aircraft. Recently, two of our trainee pilots, Ms Naomi Pardede from Indonesia and Mr. Phan Danh Dat from Vietnam, achieved the Instrument Rating.

Ms Naomi believes that the Instrumenting has made her a more competent pilot, while also bringing her a step closer to completing the New Zealand Diploma in Aviation. Mr. Dat, a Vietnam Airline cadet pilot says, that the experience he gained through IFR flying is going to help him profoundly in his future career with Vietnam Airlines.

Eagle Flight Training offers single engine instrument rating on the Diamond DA40 aircraft and multi engine instrument rating on the Diamond DA42 aircraft. Both are glass cockpit aircraft with Garmin 1000 (G1000). Equipped with the latest technology and advanced instruments, these are ideal aircraft for training to fly under IFR conditions.

Eagle Flight Training also provides pilot training for the Private Pilot Licence (PPL), Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), Multi Engine rating and Flight Instructor Rating. For pilots who wish to be airline ready pilots, we also offer First Officer pilot training, which includes CPL, ATPL theory training and Multi Crew Coordination (MCC) training. Eagle Flight Training also delivers the New Zealand Diploma in Aviation (NZQA level 6 qualification).

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