Registration Process

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The purpose of this “Registration Process” overview is to convey the natural sequence of milestones that are required in order to progress from a prospective student status to an “enrolled and active aviation student with Eagle Flight Training Limited in New Zealand. We understand that the complete experience of becoming a Pilot is a journey of many steps. As with the training, we are here to assist you at every step in your Aviation endeavours.

On a best endeavour basis, Eagle Flight Training Limited will assist you through the process in a timely manner (typically we respond within 24 hours).

Eagle Flight Training requires several documents to support the registration submission.  The documents required in Step 4 (Submission of Registration Documents) are outlined below.

Please refer to “Requirements” for additional information here…..

  • High school results
  • Certificates of previously achieved qualifications
  • Evidence of English language Proficiency or IELTS test results
  • Aptitude Testing Results – ADAPT Pre-screening for Aspiring Pilots (see “Registration Requirements” for additional detail on how to take the test)
  • Aviation Certificates (if any)
  • Class 1 Medical
  • New Zealand Aviation medical results (If any)
  • Any other documents supporting your application

It is important that the Eagle Flight Training Limited Standard “Terms and Conditions” are understood and accepted as its important to resolve any potential misunderstandings prior to progression. Please review our standard terms and conditions “HERE”

To submit your registration submission, please complete the electronic registration form (and attach your supporting documents) “HERE” (Or access it via the “Register Now” sub menu)

If you encounter any technical difficulties with the “Electronic Registration Form”, please download an alternative “Registration Form” (PDF version) ” “HERE

Please then send your ‘Registration Form” and attach supporting documents to:

After receiving the registration form, we will assess your potential suitability to pilot an aircraft with an assessment including the following factors:

  • Proficiency of English
  • Personal, behavioural traits and competencies
  • Cognitive abilities and skills
  • Mutual supervision
  • Optimum decision making under emergency conditions
  • Ability to function under pressure
  • ADAPT Test Results (see “Registration Requirements” for more detail on how to take the test)

Subject to the applicant meeting the selection criteria, Eagle Flight Training Limited will issue an “Offer of Place” Document. This document outlines important information that is intended to help convey the character of the relationship between Eagle Flight Training and the student. Details include:

  • Provisional place for course
  • Course Name, start and end date
  • Tuition fee, accommodation expenses, registration and insurance fees
  • NZ Public Trust Account No (Government supervised Student Fee Protection
  • Provide supporting letter for NZ Immigration

Upon receiving an “Offer of Place” document, you will be better prepared to progress a Student Visa application with NZ Immigration Services. Eagle Flight Training Limited will support the process as far as practicable. Please use the following link to acquire more information.

Upon confirmation that the agreed fees have been received by the NZ Public Trust and that a copy of a valid Student Visa has been received, Eagle Flight Training Limited will “enrol” the student onto the New Zealand Qualifications Authority register and on to its own management systems.


Upon Eagle Flight Training Limited, arranging Travel and Medical Insurance on behalf of the student, the student is clear to travel to New Zealand and initiate training to become a Pilot or to extend existing Pilot qualifications.