Basic Pilot Training

( PPL Course )

The motivation to become PPL qualified is by nature, very personalised. The sense of achievement and exhilaration that comes with experiencing flight as a pilot in command, is often considered to be profound. And of course, the privileges of the licence allow the holder to share the experience of flight with friends and family too! No matter whether you are enjoying a local scenic flight or a “cross country” adventure, the experience is always rewarding.

The achievement of a PPL is a very significant life milestone, irrespective of whether the purpose is for pleasure or a “gateway” to an Aviation career. A PPL can also be considered a significant milestone towards achieving a Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL)

The journey in achieving a PPL is in a sense like learning anything else that is new. You will need to apply yourself to the theoretical subjects and practical elements at a level that ensures steady progression through the project.

Please feel free to call and discuss a Training Plan with Eagle Flight Training limited.

The basic Pilot Training Scheme is designed to cover the syllabus and practical flight skills required to qualify for a Private Pilot Licence. With no prior flying experience required, you will be trained to become a competent Private Pilot typically within 50-70 hours depending on your ability. (NZCAA require a minimum of 50 hours total flight time for a PPL with cross-country privileges). Students will receive theoretical training initially, followed by flight training commencing upon satisfactory academic progress.  Typically, 10-15 hours flight time is required to fly solo. After successfully completing the prerequisites for the issue of a PPL, students can apply for a PPL license to the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand (NZCAA).

Phase 01

Undertake study in Flight Radio, Human Factors, Meteorology, Aircraft Technical Knowledge, Air Law and Navigation at Private Pilot Licence Level. Pass a minimum of 4 PPL exams and commence flight training. Commence Flight Training and achieve 1st solo flight.

Flight training skills learnt include: Effect of Controls, Straight and Level, Climbing & Descending, Medium Turns, Basic Stalls, Advanced Stalls, Circuit Introduction, Circuits, Circuit Emergencies, Circuit Revision, First Solo.

Phase 02

Flight training skills learnt include: Circuit consolidation, Flapless Circuits, Std O/H Re-joins, Simulated Forced Landing without Power, Wing-drop stalling, Steep Turns, Compass Turns, Introduction to Instrument Flying, Instrument flying Ltd Panel, Max perf T/O & Ld,  Low Flying, Cross Wind Landings, Instrument Flight and unusual attitudes, Slow flight, Terrain Awareness, Map Reading, and Navigation Exercises.

Phase 03

Revision, Cross Country Flight Test and PPL Flight Test. Following successful Cross Country and PPL Flight Test, prepare and submit required documents i.e. Police Clearance, “Fit and Proper Person” Questionnaire, Knowledge deficiency / remediation reports etc in support of the “Application for issue of Flight Crew Licence” to NZCAA. 

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