Quick Introduction

Have you ever dreamt of becoming an airline pilot? If yes, let us help to make your dream come true.

Eagle Flight Training has been the School of choice for many professional pilots, make it your choice too!  We are proud to have a team of dedicated aviation professionals helping the next generation of aviation specialists learn the aviation craft.

With an experienced and diverse background in the aviation industry, our staff and instructors are ready to receive and answer all queries you may have and to provide guidance, support and direction in regard to all aspects of the flight training services we provide. At Eagle Flight Training, we strive to provide you with Industry best practice teaching, where we are teaching and mentoring you to become proficient as a Pilot and as a leader in the aviation field. Ultimately, it is our objective to assist you to become a professional aviator whereby it is self-evident to prospective employers that you can add value to any enterprise you are associated with in the future.

If you require further assistance or more information, please email: info@aviationschool.co.nz