– Minimum Age: At least 18 years old at course commencement

Education: Graduated from High School

English Language Proficiency:

+ IELTS or equivalent with a score of 6 (no bands less than 5.5) for the Level 6 Diploma Programmes.

+ IELTS or equivalent with a score of 5.5 (no bands less than 5.0) for the Level 5 Training Scheme.

For further information please refer to:

– Immigration: All international students must hold a Student Visa to study in NZ. This can be applied for via upon receiving your “Offer of Place” from Eagle Flight Training and confirming lodgement of “student fees” into the NZ Public Trust Account.

– Medical: Students must obtain a minimum Class 1 Medical Certificate (preferably through a NZ CAA “Approved” Medical Practitioner – see links below) However, if a Class 1 Medical Certificate is achieved via a non NZ CAA “Approved” channel, the student fully accepts that all direct and indirect costs associated with subsequently failing to obtain a NZ CAA “Approved” Class 1 Medical Certificate will be wholly the students responsibility. Note: While a Valid International Class 1 Medical Certificate will be adequate for Eagle Flight Training Registration purposes, it is an absolute prerequisite requirement that before actual “In Flight” Flight Training can be commenced, a NZ CAA “Approved” Class 1 Medical Certificate must be provided by the student. Please do not hesitant to contact us for further information via our “Contact us” facility.

International Medical Examiners:

New Zealand Medical Examiners:

– Aptitude Testing:

ADAPT™ Pre-screening Assessment for Aspiring Pilots

The ADAPT™ online assessment tool was developed by UK-based company Symbiotics and is provided in New Zealand by ServiceIQ, Industry Training Organisation for the aviation industry.

We urge any prospective students to view further information at:

-Travel and Medical Insurance – arranged by Eagle Flight Training Limited after having received a copy of a valid NZ Student Visa. Note: It is a requirement that Travel, and Medical Insurance is in place prior to travelling to New Zealand.

(New Zealand Citizens or New Zealand Permanent Residents)

Please contact the school via the “Contact Us” facility or call the office directly for local registration criteria.